Short Books For Sixth Graders
Short Books For Sixth Graders

If you are looking for books for your sixth grader, look no further. I have listed several titles that will appeal to your sixth grader. These titles include Origami Yoda, Chester the Cricket, Clayton Byrd Goes Underground, and Inside Out and Back Again. Read on to learn more. Listed below are some examples of short books for sixth graders. Weigh their appeal, and decide which ones will work best for your child.


Origami Yoda

The first Origami Yoda book is about Tommy, a 6th-grade boy who collects advice from his classmates and then tries to decide whether to follow the advice or not. The book also contains a number of illustrations and jokes. Unlike other books geared towards younger readers, this one is not particularly astute, but it is appropriate for reluctant readers. While the book isn’t particularly long, it does have the advantage of being a fun and humorous read.

The main antagonist of the first two books is Harvey. He is primarily interested in proving that Origami Yoda isn’t real. He is also the creator of Darth Paper and boasts that his Darth Vader impersonation is better than Dwight’s Yoda imitation. He is Tommy and Kellen’s best friend in the first book and is a major supporter of the kids. Harvey also contributes to the mini Dwight Case File.

Chester the Cricket

Chester the Cricket is a fun and adventurous story about a country cricket who ends up in New York City. His adventures may teach him a lesson or two about life in the big city. His adventures in Times Square, China Town, and Opera are just some of the highlights of this short book for sixth graders. In addition to his adventures in the city, Chester also has an educational background in opera and even has some lessons for his city friends.

The story begins when a musical cricket from rural Connecticut is transported to New York City by a picnic basket. Mario Bellini adopts Chester and raises him as his own. During his adventure, Chester meets a variety of animals and learns about life on the streets. He even helps Mario’s parents save their subway newsstand! However, the story isn’t quite that simple. Fortunately, Chester isn’t alone.

Clayton Byrd Goes Underground

In this middle grade novel, Clayton Byrd, the grandson of a bluesman, is faced with a very difficult choice: either run away with his band to play for the coolest people in the world, or give up his music and join his grandfather’s band. But after his grandpa dies, his life is turned upside down. Fortunately, his grandpa taught him a few valuable lessons about life and music that he can apply to his own life.

Readers can expect rich, emotionally-charged text from Rita Williams-Garcia. She focuses on creating vivid scenes and sensory details, while her characters are complex and realistic. While readers will find similarities in the main characters of Clayton Byrd Goes Underground, this book emphasizes the challenges and closeness of family members, and a range of other issues that young readers may find challenging.

Inside Out and Back Again

Thanhha Lai’s debut novel, Inside Out and Back Again, is her first novel, and has already won a National Book Award. The book follows a young Vietnamese girl named Ha as she flees Saigon for America in 1975. As Saigon is about to fall to communists, Ha is forced to flee her hometown and adapt to a foreign culture. As her story unfolds, we see the kindness of neighbors and the wonder of new friendships.(Short Books For Sixth Graders)

The novel is written in verse and explores important social and emotional themes. It deals with the experiences of a ten-year-old Vietnamese girl, who has moved from her native country to the United States and is faced with bullying, prejudice, loss, and perseverance in the face of adversity. As a result, Inside Out and Back Again is an excellent read for middle-grade students. The book has received numerous honors, including a National Book Award and two Newbery Honors.(short-books-for-sixth-graders)

Bridge to Terabithia

Bridge to Terabithia is a story that explores friendship and loss. The book follows the life of a fourth grade boy named Jess Aarons and his friend Leslie Burke. The two were best friends at Lark Creek Elementary School and made the school’s secret playground Terabithia. After Leslie’s death, Jess is left to deal with the tragedy of losing his best friend.(Short Books For Sixth Graders)

The story is a classic fantasy that is a work of realistic fiction, but it behaves much like a child’s fantasy. The book uses common elements of children’s fantasy, such as a character leaving the “real” world and entering an alternate magical world, participating in adventures, and then returning to his or her regular life. The book was a Newberry Medal winner in 1978.

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