Sell your courses and summaries with Alefredo Books

This will enable teachers achieve the highest benefit, free from any kind of complication through its mechanism. Kinds of products: . Papers, they come as books or booklets, we have so far covered 3 counties: Jordan, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia .
Digital, we give protection to the pdf documents, to enable the worldwide buyers/ students use them only through one device.
The main role of Alefredo:
1. Properly save the courses and have them available at any time to fulfil needs of interested seekers.
2. Customers services and call center,
3. to answer clients’ inquiries, related to the products through phone calls, website and/or social media.
4. Sell teachers’ papers based on the price agreeable by the teacher.
5. Delivery of Courses’ documents to the governorates of Jordan within minimum 1 hour to maximum 48 hours, depending on how near or far the location is. .
6. Delivery of all paper courses, whether as books or files to countries around the world.
7. collecting the price of products from the clients.
8. Transferring all money benefits on monthly basis directly to teachers’ bank account, or as per teacher’s suitable method.

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