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The Assessment Guide for science fusion grade k includes a variety of activities, including Leveled Labs and Interactive Digital Inquiry Flipcharts. It also includes statistically significant improvements for students who start at a low level. Read on to learn more. This comprehensive guide includes hands-on activities, a Leveled Labs and Interactive Digital Inquiry Flipcharts, and three levels of inquiry to support each lesson.

Science Fusion
Science Fusion

Assessment Guide for science fusion grade k

The Assessment Guide for Science Fusion is designed to allow teachers maximum flexibility in assessing student progress. It offers a comprehensive overview of the three levels of inquiry for each lesson, as well as copymasters for the tests and quizzes. The guide also includes answers, explanations, rubrics, and a bubble style answer sheet. Students can work in collaborative groups or as lab partners in this flexible curriculum.

Leveled Labs

Science Fusion’s online lab program features inquiry lessons, virtual labs, and hands-on activities. The curriculum is flexible and leveled by grade, with activities spanning life, earth, and physical science. Each lesson is designed to be engaging and provides three levels of inquiry: guided, independent, and student-directed. Teachers can customize the curriculum to meet the needs of their students. There are also additional resources to support science learning, including videos, lesson plans, and teacher guides.

Teachers can easily differentiate science learning with the help of the online science curriculum. Science Fusion grade k leveled labs include complete print and digital curricula with a mix of technology-enhanced questions, write-in worktext, and virtual labs. Teachers can easily use this program in the classroom or at home and can even implement it in the classroom. It also includes an extensive online resource center that supports inquiry-based lessons and labs.

Interactive Digital Inquiry Flipcharts

The Science Fusion Teaching Resources DVD gives teachers a convenient, alternative to online access. It contains digital and print lessons in both English and Spanish. The Science Fusion series is a comprehensive print and digital curriculum solution that encourages students to engage deeply in science, develop critical thinking skills, and apply their learning. These resources are also available for educators, parents, and students alike. Whether you’re teaching preschoolers or pre-K students, the Science Fusion program has the right materials for your needs.

Inquiry Flipcharts present experiments and activities, as well as lab manuals. Students can work in lab partners, cooperative groups, or independently on these interactive flipcharts. For students in grades K-5, Inquiry Flipcharts can be placed at center tables, small groups, or collaborative areas. Students can complete lab reports, collect data, and use flip charts to draw conclusions.

Statistically significant improvements for students beginning at a low level

If students start at a low level of science knowledge, statistically significant improvements are possible with ScienceFusion. Its unique approach combines interactive digital engagement with learning support to give students an in-depth understanding of science. It contains more than 3,000 videos, animations, simulations, and other complementary content that enhances print programs. By increasing student engagement and retention, ScienceFusion has improved science education.

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