Past papers Pearson edexcel Physics 2022
Past papers Pearson edexcel Physics 2022

Using Past Papers For IGCSE Physics 2022

If you have not yet begun studying for your 2022 IGCSE exams, you should consider using past papers for reference. These documents contain past papers for the upcoming Pearson Edexcel IGCSE Physics course. Although department heads often have years of experience teaching the course, they cannot guarantee that they will accurately reflect the upcoming examinations. Therefore, you should not treat this document as exam preparation, but instead, treat it as a revision tool.

Past papers Pearson edexcel Physics 2022

Exams in 2022

The Department for Education has announced that Pearson edexcel Physics 2022 will feature optional exams. Students will need to prepare for the exam beforehand. The advance information will be published online, but you can also access the information on the specification 2022 support pages. You should read this information in conjunction with the guidance from your teachers and parents. It will help you to understand what you should expect from the examination.

The new syllabus will also bring about changes to the way the exam is set. Examiners will be more generous in assessing practical activities. For example, they will be less strict in assessing the accuracy of measurements. The new exam papers will be easier to understand compared to the old syllabus. Pearson has provided exam content to help students focus their revision. And they have loosened the requirements for practical assessment, so examiners will be more generous with students when setting grade boundaries.


The syllabus for A-level Physics has recently been published by Pearson edexcel. The new Syllabus for Pearson edexcel Physics 2022 has a different focus than previous exams. Teachers can view the syllabus for the new specification by visiting the Edexcel website. You can also download a formulae sheet, which can be helpful when preparing students for exams.

The new specifications are based on a collaborative process between teachers and representatives of higher education. The syllabus is updated with current content and thinking to support the progression of students to further study. The syllabus is comparable to the reformed GCSEs in the UK. The Syllabus for Pearson edexcel Physics 2022 can be found below. It is a good idea to consult the syllabus prior to taking your exam.

Mark schemes

Mark schemes for Pearson Edexcel Physics 2022 are now available for download. Teachers will be able to download the revised exam sheet, which includes all the relevant equations. Pearson has made this revision available for teachers to use until 28 June 2022. These revised equation sheets will also be available as an additional insert on exam day. Besides the revised exam sheet, students will also be able to download the formulae sheet.

Mark schemes for Pearson edexcel physics 2022 contain guidance on how to answer questions. In some cases, the marks for a question are based on how many units are used. For example, if you are required to calculate the mass of an object, you should use the density equation. Also, you should round your answer to 5000 g or 5 kg. If you fudge your answer, you will not get the third mark. Instead, you will receive a mark of two or three. The mark scheme also indicates the quality of the written communication.

Preparing for the exam

If you are studying for the A-level Physics exam, you should know that the Pearson edexcel will assess the course in a different way in 2022. To prepare for the test, you can visit Edexcel’s website to download the advance information. It includes a list of the main areas of focus on the exam. It is very important that you know the syllabus of the exam so that you can focus your preparations accordingly.

You should visit the exam centre ahead of time to check the timetable. You can also check the JCQ website for the exam dates and deadlines in 2022. The exam period and contingency day are also listed on the website. Once you’ve checked the exam date, you should begin preparing for the test. It will be a challenging but very worthwhile experience. Don’t forget to practice!

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