Past paper economics IB
Past paper economics IB

How to Answer a Past Paper Question in Economics IB

The first step to answering a question on a past paper is to understand what is expected of you. If you’ve got a short time, you can read this article for some useful tips. You should know what to avoid when it comes to revisions and unofficial papers. In addition, you should read about COVID-19 and Markschemes, as well as the importance of understanding what each one is for your score.

Past paper economics IB


The Economics IB examination is one of the most expensive subjects in the curriculum. The cost of the exam alone is over $100. You will need to study two sets of past papers. It is important to write practice papers as if they are the real exams. It is important to use the same technique for both practice and the actual exam. The IBO recommends purchasing two complete sets of past papers. There are several ways to prepare for the exam.

The new style of Economics assessment tests students’ critical thinking and interdependence. The exam is also longer and requires students to use new data for analysis. Students are also expected to evaluate the economic relationships between two or more countries. Because of this, there is no free, official past paper in Economics. Students may also find free past papers online. However, these are not always up to date. If you are looking to find an unofficial past paper, there are a few things to keep in mind.


The IB program has changed the way the Economics course is assessed. Starting in 2020, students will take two separate assessments. The Economics paper will not be the same. However, students should read up on the real-world examples that are required for this paper. Examples may include the demand for hand sanitiser or masks. Both examples illustrate how markets respond to changes in supply or demand and the incentives for producers to increase the quantities supplied.

The IB website sells official study materials for the Economics IB exam. While the website isn’t the easiest to navigate, the economics exam paper and markscheme will cost about $10 to $25. If you’re buying older papers, you can purchase them separately for the same price as the current ones. But be prepared to spend a little more. The IB recommends buying two complete sets of past papers.


If you are looking for revisions to past papers in Economics, then you have come to the right place. The IBO has not published the past papers online, so it is possible that you will find them in unofficial sources. While some sources are better than others, some are not. Regardless, the best way to get the past papers is to go through the websites of former students and teachers who have done the same.

The most effective revision technique for Economics is to study multiple practice essays. This will ensure that you are reviewing the subject material from several perspectives. You should also focus on different topics so that you can try different approaches to the revision process. This will also help you to develop the skills you need to do well on the exam. Once you’ve tried the different approaches, you should be ready for your paper. There are numerous free revision methods, so you should make use of them.


If you’re preparing for an upcoming IB Economics exam, you’ll want to purchase past paper and markscheme sets. The cost of the exams can run up to $100 for HL and SL, so it’s important to purchase as many past paper sets as possible. You’ll want to purchase at least two complete sets of papers to practice for the exam. You can also purchase separate past papers to study for the exam.

These resources include ALL past paper 1 essay questions (both 2-markers and define questions), all short answer questions (both short and long), and condensed mark schemes for the three papers. Each diagram is meant for revision, so make sure to read through it thoroughly. Markschemes for past paper economics IB


The official IB Economics teaching resources can be found at the IB Follett online store. While not the easiest site to use, the cost of an exam paper and markscheme will vary between $7.99 and $16-24. The older papers are sold separately from the markschemes and will cost the same as the more recent papers. If you want to save money, try buying two complete sets of past papers to practice with.

There are many places online where you can find free past papers for Economics. You can find the Economics 2020 past papers as well. The IB is a leading global leader in international education, and their goal is to help students become knowledgeable, confident, and caring young people. For students who want to improve their scores in Economics, these resources are an excellent resource. Just make sure you choose one that has been reviewed by the IBO so you know what to expect.

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