International Sunday School Books
International Sunday School Books

The Standard Lesson is one of the most popular Sunday school books used in churches and denominations around the world. This book is based on the Uniform Series and International Sunday School Lessons and takes students through a 6 year study of the Bible, with verse-by-verse commentary to encourage deeper thinking and daily connection to God. It includes a study Bible for teachers, which contains study notes from the best-selling Standard Lesson Commentary.

International Sunday School Books
International Sunday School Books

Standard Lesson

For over two decades, the Standard Lesson Commentary has been the standard Bible commentary. Its exposition of biblical texts, along with questions and examples, has made it the go-to resource for adult Sunday school classes. The Standard Lesson Teacher’s Study Bible provides study notes based on the 60-year-old best-selling Standard Lesson Commentary. For teachers who want to enhance the lessons, the Teacher’s Study Bible includes a large print teacher’s guide and resources pack. It also includes a Power for Living take-home book and a Devotions(r) book.

The SLC is the most popular Bible lesson commentary in the world, selling over 300,000 copies each year. The Standard Lesson International Sunday School Books Commentary includes expositions of Bible passages in verse-by-verse format and is designed for adults of all ages. Each lesson contains a variety of discussion starters, learning activities, and application ideas. The SLC is a valuable resource for churches of all denominations who want to share the gospel with their congregations.

Robert G. Ingersoll

Ingersoll was a successful lawyer and political campaigner. He began giving lectures in the 1860s and was quickly greeted with good reviews and significant ticket sales. Over the next thirty years, he delivered more than one thousand lectures, traveling by train to all 50 states, except for Alabama. Thirty of Ingersoll’s lectures comprise the first four volumes of his twelve-volume set. Other volumes contain eulogies, press interviews, essays, and more.

E. Benjamin

E. Benjamin International Sunday School Books are produced by a Christian publishing company whose mission is to help churches build spiritual communities. These books are designed to help churches teach their students about the Bible. The books are divided into five categories, with each one having a different emphasis. Children’s books typically start with Genesis, and adults generally move through Proverbs, Genesis, and Exodus. However, if you want to use a specific book in your Sunday school curriculum, you’ll want to consider another publisher.

J.A. Leavitt

There are many varieties of J.A. Leavitt International Sunday School Books for churches, Sunday Schools, and Epworth Leagues. The books are designed to provide an outline view of Biblical history, which connects the personal elements of Scripture. The books also teach about Christian theology. You can choose from the many titles available, or you can create your own. The best way to find the right book for your students is to choose one that is based on what your students are studying.


Andrews International Sunday School Books are available for purchase for churches and organizations. Each book is designed with the individual needs of a particular group in mind. The company has published more than 30,000 books in more than 2,000 languages. Andrews has also served on the boards of the Up Next! Leadership Foundation and Liberty Women’s Clinic. He and his wife, Tammie, are members of the New Salem Baptist Church in Independence, Missouri. Together they have four children and two grandchildren.

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