International School Books in Sri Lanka
International School Books in Sri Lanka

  • The international school books available in Sri Lanka are not limited to the English language. Some schools also have Buddhist texts. In Colombo, private and semi-government schools have an assortment of books that cater to different interests. Ananda College in Colombo and Dharmaraja College in Kandy are excellent examples. Galle has many Buddhist institutions. In Sri Lanka, international school books are used in many educational institutions, giving students the knowledge they need to do well in school.(International School Books)
  • Jeya Book Centre
  • Founded in 1980, Jeya Book Centre imports modern books from across the globe, specializing in international school books, undergraduate medical textbooks, and printed books in all categories. The company sponsors numerous exhibitions in Sri Lanka, and is one of the country’s premier book suppliers. In addition, the company offers extensive book rental services for schools, parents, and students. This company also has multiple locations throughout the island.
  • The book centre, located on Duplication Road, is an excellent place to purchase books for children. A number of famous authors have been featured there. The selection of books includes fiction, non-fiction, and children’s picture books. Parents, teachers, and children of all ages will be able to find books at an affordable price. Besides books, the store also sells stationery and gift cards.
  • Colombo International School
  • Publishers’ Association claims that one million people attend the Colombo International Bookfair every year, representing one twentieth of the population of Sri Lanka. These figures are based on ticket sales, and do not include free passes for school children, clergy, staff, and stall holders. However, they do provide an excellent overview of the books available for purchase. The Colombo International Bookfair is a major event in Sri Lanka, with a host of stallholders, authors, and booksellers.
  • Students attending the Colombo International School study for the IGCSE examination in English. The school consists of two campuses in Colombo. Both campuses cater to students from different nationalities, with approximately half of them being local. Founded in 1982 by Elizabeth Moir, the school has expanded in the years since and is now known as Colombo International School Kandy. It uses the same English curriculum as the rest of the world, and offers IGCSE examinations for grades 10 and 11 and the International Advanced Level for students in the 6th form.
  • Leeds International School
  • The popular network of international schools, Leeds International School in Sri Lanka, is now expanding into the higher education sector. The school is co-educational and operates eight branches in the country. The school encourages high expectations and a culture of coexistence, harmony and excellence. The school has nine locations in Sri Lanka, including the recently opened Leeds Pre School in Bandaragama. For further information about the schools and their books, visit their website.

The Leeds International School Panadura has a wide selection of books, including many English-language works. The school is committed to helping students find and express their uniqueness. There are literary associations for children from grades three to nine, and clubs for art, public speaking, and environmental studies. The school also publishes a monthly journal and holds an annual field trip. In addition, students are encouraged to take part in various exhibitions of classwork and perform in a year-end concert.

Buddhist schools in Sri Lanka

International School Books in Sri Lanka
International School Books in Sri Lanka

The early history of Buddhism in Sri Lanka consisted of three subdivisions of the Theravada sect. These subdivisions were referred to as Mahavihara, Abhayagiri Vihara, and Jetavana Vihara. Later, the Mahisasaka sect was established in Sri Lanka alongside the Theravada sect. The northern parts of Sri Lanka were eventually ceded to the Indian sects.

The monastic order of Sri Lanka includes nuns, novices, and ordained monks. There is no central Sangha in Sri Lanka; the country is home to several monastic orders, each with its own style of recruitment and discipline. Monks play a vital role in society, both during times of crisis and achievement, and in practicing public philanthropy. However, they are not regarded as representatives of the Buddhist faith in Sri Lanka.

Colombo International School (Private) Ltd

The founders of Colombo International School (Private), a private boarding school in Colombo, established the school in 1982. In its early years, the school operated out of repurposed residential buildings and homes. Later, it shifted its focus to offering Pearson Edexcel qualifications. In its current format, the school has an official registration under the Companies Act of 1982. This means that it is not regulated by the Ministry of Education, but rather is under the jurisdiction of the Board of Investments.

The school has been operating in Colombo since 1982, when it was founded by Elizabeth Moir. The school uses an English-language curriculum. Later, in 1998, it was renamed Colombo International School Kandy, which opened in Mawilmada. The school also offers London Ordinary and Advanced Level examinations. The school has more than 1400 students. The school was ranked as the third best school in the world by the British Council.

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