Inspire science
 Inspire science

Five Reasons Why Inspire Science is the Best Choice For Your Students

If you’re a teacher looking for new ways to engage your students in science learning, you’ll want to learn more about Inspire Science, a teacher training programme that uses the proven 5E instructional framework. Its hands-on, inquiry-based investigations are a powerful way to deepen student understanding of scientific concepts. And it integrates math and literacy with science. But how does it work? Read on to learn more. Here are five reasons why Inspire Science is the best choice for your students.(Inspire science)

Inspire science

Inspire Science is a teacher training programme

InspireScience, a teacher training programme in science, brings together schools, museums and universities to promote a vibrant science education. The programme is sponsored by IBM and has already attracted 300 teachers from various public and private school networks in Brazil. Participating teachers get training in basic science education while exploring the fundamental issues that surround science. The programme also involves a series of hands-on workshops, which help teachers understand how the world works and what makes science such a fascinating subject.

The curriculum for InspireScience is based on phenomena-driven projects, which engage students’ creativity and stimulate their critical thinking. Its lessons are designed to encourage students to use problem-solving strategies to understand real-world phenomena. Each middle school book is made up of four units, while the High School book contains 2-5 lessons in each module. InspireScience lessons start with a “I will” statement that sets the purpose of the learning.

It uses LearnSmart + SmartBook to change the way students read and learn

Inspire science is an innovative learning experience designed to ignite students’ curiosity through real-world phenomena. Through real-world investigations of phenomena, students can be inspired to ask questions, solve problems, argue, and discuss the science behind those phenomena. The books are organized around a 5E Instructional Framework, which allows teachers and students to create an equitable science experience for all students. With this book, students are given the power to make science more meaningful and relevant to their lives.

The interactive technology keeps students engaged and eliminates student fatigue. Moreover, students can study anywhere, anytime, and from any device. And their progress syncs between their devices so they can easily continue where they left off. To learn more about LearnSmart and SmartBook, take a no-obligation demonstration. Then, make your classroom a more interactive place for your students’ learning.

It facilitates hands-on investigation to deepen understanding

Hands-on learning is an effective tool to improve comprehension, but it shouldn’t replace more traditional methods of learning. You should still review your notes and collaborate with your peers, and consult your instructor when you’re struggling with a concept. Hands-on learning is an effective tool because it fosters collaboration and allows students to experience the topic as a group. It’s important to remember that every student learns using different core learning methods.

Hands-on learning facilitates kinesthetic learning, which involves students carrying out physical activities, rather than simply listening to a lecture. This method provides a deeper understanding of the material because students get a chance to try out the process and learn from their mistakes. They can also begin to understand gaps in their understanding due to the differences between theory and practice. Educators who incorporate hands-on learning methods into their lesson plans have a unique opportunity to enrich the mind of students in creative ways.

It integrates literacy and math

Incorporating literacy and math into the science curriculum is key to creating future innovators. Whether in the classroom or in the field, students must be able to understand informational text and make connections to underlying mathematical concepts. By aligning literacy and math with science, educators can provide an enhanced educational experience for students on a broad scale. Cross-curricular instruction, which connects science and math, can give students the hands-on experience necessary to pursue innovations.

Students should be able to learn the fundamentals of science through hands-on activities, problem-based learning, and collaborative teamwork. The 5E instructional model encourages critical thinking and collaboration and helps students connect classroom learning to real-life situations. Additionally, the program promotes collaboration among students by providing project-based learning experiences and a digital learning experience that helps students develop critical thinking and computational skills. Overall, Inspire Science is a promising choice for science education.

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